Donald Trump’s Attorney General Nominee, Jeff Sessions, claims that 95% of Dominicans coming to the US are a sham and have no skills. Quite wrong he is. We are a country of very resourceful people with lots of talent to contribute with in the world. We've given the US athletes, musicians, writers, actors and actresses, chefs, people in government and a heck of a lot more places. I myself am an animator, who loves playing guitar. I'm not the best there is at either, but have worked my ass off to get to where I am. I can say the same of my fellow Dominican friends who had left our beloved DR in search of a brighter future. We're friendly, loving, sometimes a bit crazy and most definitely talented in our own individual interests. #dominicansWithSkills With this hashtag let's show our skills in what we love to do. Here are my humble skills on guitar playing.

Posted by Bonny Báez on Saturday, November 19, 2016